Israel vs Iran; What You Need to Know

Iran, anti-Semitic, Israel-hating, terrorist supporting, freedom-hating Iran. But before I recap the standard rhetoric of anti-semitic Muslims that want the destruction of Israel – as screamed by the corporate media, we need to reiterate history, that being of Israel and Iran’s nuclear history. Let’s first eradicate this idea of a so called Middle East’s arm race, as there isn’t much of a race with Israel having won the entire thing in the 1960′s, achieving total nuclear capability. In 1955, President Eisenhower gave Israel its first small nuclear reactor at Nahal Sorek; in 1964, the French built for Israel its Dimona nuclear reactor in the Naqab (Negev) Desert; in 1965, Israel stole 200 pounds of weapons-grade uranium (key to develop nuclear weapons) from the U.S through its spies at the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation company in Pennsylvania; in 1968, Israel hijacked a Liberian ship in international waters and stole its 200-ton shipment of yellowcake. Israel even had an ongoing nuclear weapons collaboration with the South African Apartheid regime for decades, which only ended with the collapse of the regime in 1994.

It was 1968 when the CIA had reported Israel had developed a nuclear weapon  in which Washington pursued a policy of not demanding transparency from its close ally, and in return Israel agreed not to test a bomb or declare its nuclear capability – a policy of “strategic ambiguity”. But when Israel violated international law by bombing the Iraqi-French built nuclear reactor still under construction and in line with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) terms, the UN Security Council passed resolution 487, demanding Israel to open its secret nuclear facilities to inspection by the IAEA“[The Security Council] Calls upon Israel urgently to place its nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards” (paragraphs 5). In it, the Security Council strongly condemned the attack and said that, in mounting it, Israel was “in clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the norms of international conduct”.

Israel using Saudi Arabia (best US ally) territory to bomb Iraq.

The UN resolution was passed unanimously, all five veto-wielding members of the Security Council, (yes and the U.S) voting for it. Back then the U.S was supporting Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in its aggression against Iran, which lasted from 1980 to 1988. It goes without saying, that of course, Israel ignored this resolution, as it has countless others. And it also goes without saying that of course UN took no action to force Israel to put its nuclear facilities under IAEA oversight. Later he IAEA called for it to open facilities. Israel again, ignored. And soon enough, Israel’s own scientist Mordechai Vanunu revealed its nuclear details to British Press in 1986 which allowed experts to accurately speculate 400 nuclear devices, neutron bombs, tactical nuclear weapons, and suitcase nukes as well as also the missile delivery system to launch them with a reach of 11,500km (which can reach beyond Iran). Israel also has submarines that are capable of launching nuclear attacks as well as jet fighters that can deliver Israel’s nuclear cargo. And did I mention the Mossad murders of Egyptian, Iraqi, and Iranian nuclear scientists over the decades? Since 2010, there has been 4 Iranian scientists murdered. These Israeli and American politicians and their securocrats cloak the calculated murders of scientists in Tehran, of civilians in Waziristan, of civilians in Gaza, to give you a range of euphemisms: they are not just assassinations but terminations, targeted killings, coordinated drone strikes.

Israel continues to refuse to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (which all Nuclear and non Nuclear states have signed except for Pakistan and India) and refuses to allow members of IAEA commission to inspect its Dimona reactor while it successfully test-fires missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warheads reaching Iran. Additionally the U.S (we can’t talk about Israel and not mention the U.S), the great empire of imperial desires, sent a surveillance drone violating Iranian airspace. And then, they asked for it back. Just think about this absurd event for a second. Let’s turn switch roles here, and suppose it was Iran that had sent a reconnaissance spy drone to Washington (and then did something crazy like ask for it back), could you imagine the diplomatic crisis? Iran wouldn’t even have time to ask for their drone back because of the pouring UN condemnations and international outrage. Couldn’t you just imagine Obama’s declaration of possibly what would turn into a mass scale attack against Iran first with drones then with ground troops?

Iran, on the other hand, the evil, freedom hating, anti-Semitic Iran, informed IAEA that they were enriching Uranium.  It also allowed IAEA to inspect its  facilities, in which a 2010 IAEA report on Iranian nuclear activities presented no evidence of weapon related events. It especially repeats the points of earlier reports stating that low enriched uranium is only suitable for a power generating reactor.

Israel forced its aggressive birth by snatching a land with an ideology of superiority and hatred against Muslims, Arabs and Africans in which all of its institutions adhere on, its mere emergence cost millions of lives the day it came into existence, from repeated massacres to internationally banned phosphorous bombs, created millions of Palestinian and Lebanese exiles, a continued occupation and Nabka of Palestinians, all in violation of international law, not to mention its predatory custom, having being the only country to have invaded and launched wars on all its neighbouring countries. Israel not only remains as a hostile beast to all its neighbours but cries out attack calls for other countries to do so as well, spurring on xenophobia and producing new hatred campaigns against Muslims and Arabs alike from U.S to Europe. And despite Israel’s warmongering history, Iran (with no history of invading others for 200 years) is the threat. Despite Israeli rabbi’s calling for Iran’s destruction, Iran is the threat (and before you even argue, no Iran did not call for Israel’s destruction, Israeli Deputy PM himself admitted, and to be honest so what, Israel ACTUALLY wiped off Palestine).

Despite Israel continuously reinstating possible attacks against Iran, somehow Iran is still the threat. And that somehow is purely dependant on the demonisation of Muslims and Arabs, and the Middle East in general. The demonisation of such people allows Obama to send drones to kill them without sparking an outrage amongst the international community. The demonisation of these people allow foreign occupation forces of the U.S and U.K to kill and urinate on their dead bodies. The demonisation of these people allow their persecution and imprisonment, stripping them of all rights that lets them to be dignified humans. An entity that is accountable to so many deaths and tortures across the world that it may as well be known as genocides, is not an entity with a conscience but rather, a sinister agenda for global hegemony, starting with incapacitation of the Middle East.

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3 responses to “Israel vs Iran; What You Need to Know

  1. Where would the ones who live for the betterment of international relations begin in a day and time where their efforts are either opposed or oppressed by corrupt government forces beyond their control.

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  2. Unfortunately the “betterment of international relations” has been pushed back for decades for the betterment of imperialistic progression, non-renewable energy resource control, ecoomical and financial control and the now known establishment of a new world order, composed of and ruled by VIPs from the West, and some essential allies from elsewhere…

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  3. why is israel scared of a nuclear iran when it also has it own stock at the backyard? Those who goes to equity should go with their hands clean! Iran has the right to defend it self with any weapon it so desire

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