I do not claim to be a blogger or journalist, the articles posted on this site are merely my own analysis and opinions which vary from topic to topic, from neocolonialism to race to the very obvious subject of Palestine. I use this site as a means to share critical analysis of current affairs around the world.

I am a full time student studying BA Honours in International Relations & Development Studies in a London university and co-founder/director of the Palestinian-led Marmara Housing Project that aims to build homes in Occupied Palestine which runs on bio-energy.

I’m a staff contributor for CommentMiddleEast and the Neo-Colonialism Editor/ UK Bureau Chief for Aboriginal News Group/Indigenist Opinion.

Contact: selinkarasilah@gmail.com

Twitter: Selintifada

10 responses to “About

  1. Hi, I would like your opinion on the coinage, “Islamism” and “Political Islam”. We never hear any other religion suffixed with ism. What do you reckon the West & its media mean by the terms?

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  2. Hey, I love what you have written. You articulate all these terms so feel. It is difficult to talk about race, prejudice, power, discrimination because they are such abstract terms. People in power also want us to believe that there is equality, so it takes a lot of effort to un-brainwash the self.

    I am South Asian in the same “third place” as you, except I live in NYC. As cosmopolitan and diverse this city is, we are still trapped by the same race relations here in the US.

    Great work!

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  3. regardless of life situations, I remain a fan of your work and I hope you carry on educating people, well done.

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  4. You’re the biggest fucking hypocrite going, seriously just end your shitty miserable fucking life. ‘I do not claim to be a blogger or journalist’ THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING BLOG???? You’re just another fucking armchair activist who can’t deal with any criticism or hate because your ego is so fucking fragile, I’ve noticed that 95% of your favourites on your twitter are compliments to you, grandiose narcissism much? You claim that ‘manpinions’ don’t affect you yet half of your tweets are fucking hissy-fits over negative reactions to your uneducated horseshit. Do the world a favour a drink some fucking bleach you worthless cum-catcher.

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